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Das Lebenszyklusmodell ist ein wegleitender PPP-Kerngedanke für die Weiterentwicklung des Immobilienmanagements der öffentlichen Hand.

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Public Private Partnership Workshop in the field of Future Internet and Broadband Investments

Riva del Garda, Italy


For the past fifteen years, the UNECE has been working with member States in the area of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) focusing on increasing the expertise of governments to identify, negotiate, manage and implement successful PPP projects. UNECE’s work in this area is carried out through exchange of knowledge and experiences of PPPs by member States, including experts from public and private sectors, particularly in the identification of best practice leading to the preparation of guides on best practice, studies and innovative tools that are used in capacity-building programmes and training. Drawing on the expertise of its extended PPP network of experts, the UNECE is involved in assisting member States getting started in PPPs to develop their PPP capabilities. UNECE’s work in PPPs is delivered through the International PPP Centre of Excellence in Geneva, Switzerland, and its affiliated Specialist Centres hosted by member States around the world dealing with specific topics, such as the proposed PPP Specialist Centre on ICT/Broadband Infrastructure hosted by the Government of Azerbaijan in Baku.

The European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) was created by leaders from industry, research, and policy making organisations to engage the global community with the shared goal of securing Europe’s future competitiveness through innovation. By harnessing the potential of the ICT revolution, EAI engages the global community in all sectors of society to explore ways in which innovation in technology and business can benefit society at large. EAI combines vision and advocacy of society leaders with a grassroots democratic participative model, functioning together through innovative web tools covering all stages of the innovation cycle to build a new and sustainable innovation paradigm.

The INFINITY project is charged with creating a new, useful and valuable repository of infrastructure capability and capacity that relates need to opportunity and facilitates the creation of an international community. Capacity building, which will be underpinned by collection of infrastructures gathered by INFINITY, is paramount to a successful Future Internet Public-Private Partnerships (FI-PPP) and the uptake of its results for commercialisation. A key aspect of the capacity building process is the engagement of the wider stakeholder community, both inside and outside of the FI-PPP initiative.

The UNECE and EAI, in collaboration with INFINITY project are proposing a panel workshop that will investigate how Public Private Partnerships can facilitate the deployment of ICT investments in Europe especially in the field of Future Internet and Broadband Investments.


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