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Speed uppp SLOVENIA

07.03.2013 - 08.03.2013
Bled, Slovenia

The scope of „Speed uppp Slovenia” is the development of the public investment and services market of the Republic of Slovenia – a country of approx. 2mn inhabitants which has obtained independence in 1991 as one of the former Yugoslavia’s republics and which has accessed the EU in 2004.

In Slovenia the PPP scheme is still, similar to Poland, only being implemented on municipal level. All of the major national projects are still being procured in a traditional way not involving private finance nor the private sector’s know-how in addressing the public needs. It is also crucial to know whether PPPs can be combined with EU Funds and how.


The following panels are foreseen on „Speed uppp Slovenia”:

  • PPP and EU Funds hand in hand
  • Reforming public services through PPP
  • Energy Saving Contracts, renewable energy and PPP
  • Round table: practical experience of Slovenian municipalities in the management of PPP
  • Concessions in the field of construction, renovation or operation of treatment plants
  • Round table: the first steps Slovenia should take in drawing on EU Funds with integration of private sources of funding
  • Energy rehabilitation of public infrastructure within the contractual provision of savings
  • How Eastern Europe manages PPP?

For more details on the program please visit the conference’s website: „Speed uppp Slovenia„. For any inquiries please contact IPPP’s International Business Department for assistance at

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