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Ein PPP garantiert die Wahrnehmung der öffentlichen Interessen und führt zu einer Win-Win-Situation für Staat und Wirtschaft.

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UNECE high-level PPP Scaling-Up Session

Washington D.C.

The UNECE is organising a high-level Scaling-Up Session on PPPs on Tuesday, 18 November 2014 in Washington DC at the Global South-South Development Expo 2014 organised by UNDP and hosted by the Organization of American States. The Session will provide an excellent opportunity for developing countries and transition economies to learn more about the UNECE work on sustainable PPPs and how the countries can benefit from the various services provided by the UNECE, including the services of the PPP Business Advisory Board. It will also provide an excellent opportunity for representatives from the private sector to network with government officials from developing countries and transition economies. 

The aim of the Session is to:

  • Showcase the southern countries taking leadership roles in the development of international PPP best practices;
  • Signing up government and private sector ‘partners’ for the PPP Specialist Centres and to show how the collaboration with other southern countries can impact on project development; and
  • Getting endorsement from key partners to UNECE work on PPPs.

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