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UNECE PPP best practices and standards - sixth session of the Team of Specialists on PPPs

23.06.2014 - 24.06.2014
Geneva, Palais des Nations, Room XVII

As you might be aware, the role of the UNECE International PPP Centre of Excellence (ICoE) is to identify international PPP best practices and develop standards in key sectors such as water and sanitation, health, ICT, renewable energy and roads, as well as in core good governance principles, such as zero tolerance to corruption. 

We are now entering a new exciting phase in this work with the first batch of best practices being presented at the next meeting of the UNECE Team of Specialists on PPPs in Geneva on 23-24 June 2014. These include setting out recommendations or standards in the following areas:

  • PPPs in healthcare
  • core set of principles on good governance in PPPs
  • principles for enforcing zero tolerance to corruption, and
  • a certification scheme to certify PPP units that follow core PPP good governance principles.

This work is undertaken in cooperation with the Specialist Centres associated with the ICoE and the Business Advisory Board. 

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