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Das PPP-Pilotprojekt Neumatt in Burgdorf ist ein grosser Erfolg.

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Video conference on the UNECE standard on PPP procurement


As you are aware, the UNECE is developing PPP standards to assist countries to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. One of the very first topics that the UNECE is focusing on is PPP procurement. Besides the Charter on Zero Tolerance to Corruption, which is being developed by a Project Team led by Marc Frilet, the UNECE is also developing a standard on PPP procurement. This work is led by Alexander Bazhenov. 

The next meeting on the PPP procurement standard will take place in Moscow on 16 October from 10am to 12 noon. Video conference facilities will be available to facilitate remote participation. 

You are cordially invited to join us by video conference (webex) for our meeting on PPP procurement on 16 October. Please send an email to Claudio Meza at to organise the conference call. Participants will be given the opportunity during the meeting to make comments and observations on the draft that Claudio will share with you nearer the day (together with some background material and the programme).