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Water and Sanitation PPPs

21.10.2014 - 22.10.2014
Room XI, Palais des Nations, Geneva

An exchange of best practices and lessons learnt between Europe, Central Asia and the MENA region.

By offering a platform for dialogue between key stakeholders, the yearly international conference on water PPPs aims to demystify the debate on water PPPs and to make their use instrumental in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular in relation to universal access to water and sanitation. The conference objectives are:

  • First exchange of experiences between the ECA and MENA region with a focus on challenges, bottlenecks, results and achievements and with the aim to identify best practices in water and sanitation PPPs, through the showcase of national and regional experiences.
  • Identification of a roadmap for future work on water and sanitation PPPs in the regions.
  • Official launch of the ICoE international centre on water and sanitation PPPs with the establishment of the cluster of member states, private sector representatives, IFI’s and partner organizations (International Organizations, NGO’s, universities, think thanks).

>>> For more information, please take a look at the concept note (PDF) or visit the official website.